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>> if someone dodges a question or filibusters, doesn't stop talking i jump in that. is my job. get answers so here is the tip of the day. you know a lot of times be polite, listen to someone rooming it. but if you have a time limit like i do. jump in there. get to the point. life is too short. factor tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor web site and spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world.
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name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day. do not be delucive when writing to the factor. we're definitely looking out for you.
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>> sean: tomorrow the president is expected to layout his vision for sweeping immigration reforms and what is being billed as a major speech, however, ahead of that and in response to what we've heard today, i thought i would share my views as a conservative on this topic. issue of immigration has been used as a political wedge by democrats for years. republicans have been falsely accused of not caring about latino immigrants because republicans demand our borders be secured. if we don't secure american borders we'll never be safe as a country this, issue is
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bigger than people just coming to america because they want opportunity for because terrorists cross the border, drug smugglers and the cost to states have been impact. financial impact on our system has cost this country billions of dollars. now, is this debate moving forward i want to warn republicans in the house and senate that because president reagan once said, trust by verify. any deal must include securing borders first, otherwise, i promise you you're going to be back here 10 years from now and we're going to be dealing with the same issues. and i think they want to politicize the issue. my advice, proceed with caution. joining me now with reaction to today's announcement, marco rubio. good advice? bad advice?
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>> i think good advice. it's important, thank you for having me on tho talk about this, i think it's a good memt to remind people and the country vast majority of conservatives favor legal immigration. zwront a system that works right now. our problem with illegal immigration sthait undermines legal immigration wex understand we have to deal with this issue. 11 million people by all accounts goring to be here for their lives with or without documents our objection has been we can't do anything to deal with 11 million people that. is unfair to people who have done it the right way or that will encourage illegal immigration in the future that, is why your point is point important. i'm glad they found their way into these principles. that is this. before we can point towards a path for green kard -- cards, there has to be enforcement
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mechanisms verified and in place. it's work place enforcements, that is a magnet for illegal immigration and tracking entry and exit of visitor visas, 40% of our undocumented people in this country enter legally and overstay their visas and we don't track when they leave. this must pass before a path to a green card. >> i read framework put out today it said sim stain tainusly. i wondered if people were playing games already. >> here is what happens. when undocumented have you to come forward. identify yourself, you're going to be fingerprinted and have a background check done. you're going to have to pay taxes and fines you gelt a nonimmigrant visa. you have a work permit to stay in the country. you don't qualify for federal benefits
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under that. during the same time, they're going to have to stay in this process and while they're in that process, is when this security stuff needs to happen. after a number of years have gone by, and the security enforcement is in place, then, second phase begins which is giving people the opportunity to apply fr a green card the same way everybody else does. the same way, it means stand in line, wait your turn. behind everyone applying before you legally. your turn comes up have you to qualify. that is we're giving people the opportunity to earn the chance to do this the way they should have done this. while you're in probation yairy period enforcement stuff is happening oob. >> sean: how long will this take? you said no federal benefits. have you to prove you have a job or go through a background check. sit going to be that stringent for people?
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>> that is why details are important of how you write it. they write things but that is not what it s it has to be enforced. >> you said something in your outline that is important. i don't want to do this again. but that is what is going to have to happen if all we do is legalization skpart don't do enforcement part. only way i know to incentivize is to say green card stuff doesn't begin to happen until enforcement happens first. that trigger is important, otherwise never happen. that is where we are today. in 1986 they did not do enforcement. that led to people that will be back here in 10 years or less. >> if you don't get enforcement first is that a deal killer for you? >> absolutely. yes. yes. >> because it's -- they'll be back here again. i want to deal witness permanently. i think vast majority of people would agree with me on that point no. one wants to have to do this again.
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no one is happy about the fact that we have 11 million people here undocumented it's something that should never happen again. but decisions made that led to this happened when i was in ninth grade. now we have to deal witness so that it never happens again. >> sean: how do you rerespond to those who -- i read framework. when you first explained it to me last week, and i spoke to you, i said this is the most-interesting proposal i had ever heard. it seemed like you were sincere inputting this to bed and seemed like a very, very difficult process with a lot of penalties for people that did not respect our laws of sovereignty. what do you say to people fa that people in the end can stay. that... it's a form of amnesty. >> bottom line is that would it have been cheaper to have done it the legal way than the way they're going to get it now. we're not rewarding it.
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many people would have been better off doing it the right way this, is costing penalties and taxes. this is going cost them a wait. then, after they do all that have, only thing they're going to have access to is the opportunity to apply for a green card. stu vil to qualify for the visa you're applying for. amnesty is different from proposal in 2007 creating a brand new thing which was basically a blanket. we're not trying to punish i anyone here, this isn't about the fact we don't want this to happen again z we don't want to be unfair to people that have done it the right way. i have hundreds of people coming to our offices to talk about the fact they have family members waiting in line coming here the right way. our message to them cannot be come illegally it's cheaper and quicker. have you 11 million human beings in this country going
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to be here for the rest of their live autos go to the back of the line. >> it will be part of the legislation, correct. yes. not only back of the line and wait behind everybody but when the turn comes up they have to qualify for visa they're requiring for. not a special path. >> sean: llt of penalties and security checks. it's the most thoughtful proposal i have heard. you've explained it better than anybody to me, i really do, if they don't secure first there is no point. we're going to be back debating this in five years. thank you for clarification. appreciate it. best of luck on this process as it moves forward. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: coming up, if you thought the president stalled on the second amend, now, he's going after freed yam of -- freedom of speech. >> why do you defend yourself but not the majority of
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americans? look at the fema security you've got. >> a journalist ryeing to question michael bloomberg but instead ends up being trailed by the new york city mayor's own security detail. bizarre encounter. that tape, we'll play it for you tonight.
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>> sean: according to the anointed one the reason why
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he's failed on the economy, failed to create jobs failed to reign in radical extremism is because some of us dared to speak out against his agenda now in an interview the president blames fox news and rush limbaugh for gridlock that exists in washington, d.c.. here is what he said, i don't think the issue is whether or not they're people gfwill that want to get something done we have to change some of the incentive structures so people feel liberated to pursue common ground. it's one of the biggest factors is hout media shapes the base. if a republican immediate yaf congress is not punished for working with a democrat on a bill of common interest, you'll see more of them doing it. what about the thing called freedom of speech sne wants any, all, opposing voices to be what? silent? including opinion opinions you hear on that program. what the president fails to understand is that he is the
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reason why, in large part, washington divides it. fox news channel has been the only immediate why organization delivered fair and balanced coverage of the administration. that is why he doesn't like it. sorry mr. president, we're going to continue on this program to do our part to save america from radical agenda sorry. here with analysis peter johnson junior, co-host "the five" now a syndicated talk show host. and we're going to run the tape. >> talk about tollerant politicians. perfect example, it goes with what we're talking about tonight. try to skt mayor a question, about will he disarm security. he said i'll get back to you.
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and then, they follow them down the street. talk about bullies and stalkers this is like gestapo. they don't like any opposing points of view. dare you question a liberal. >> sean: but for fox news and rush limbaugh, what? we have a perfect, i'm not saying president is a dictateor but won't that be what we had? >> here is the problem. he's taking on the second amendment big time. and so we're going to see issue was regard to financing of firearms k now, the president saying do it the way i do it or i'm going to come down your pipe. do it the way msnbc does it. do it the way a poodle journalist whose only mission in life suck up to the president of the united states.
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to say, you know, what happened here is that we have an institutional barrier stopping the will of the people. do you know what the barrier is? the united states constitution. and so, people at home should be afraid because they say am i not atloud watch fox anymore? listen to rush? or sean? am i doing something unamerican? you're not. no. it's amazing that those that are his critics seem to think -- he seems hyper sensitive he can't handle just a smidgen of criticism. if you look at interviews that challenges him, he asks him anything but a soft ball question.
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that is why he failed in that debate, sean. he wasn't tested and it's a love fest every time he's around. look. if i were another media outlet you would be imbar wrased and ashamed. because if anyone else, at any other outlet presented both sides the way fox news does that, president of ours would have mentioned that news outlet and he didn't. only two things standing in his way is the pesky number one, by the way, fox news channel and talk radio ruled for radicals right? remember in 2008 get why qlur neighbor's face if they disagree with you? i think it's going to backfire, half of america agrees with fox news arks agree was talk radio. they do think he's polarizing. they're smart. they get it. >> sean: i think they get it, too. when he ran last time, all comments made prior to the election is irresponsible,
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giving us $6 trillion in debt doesn't get asked a single question. dirty air, dirty water. >> because there is a compliant, subservient serving press core that says this is the story this, is incredible. look what you've done for us here. at the same time, numbers plummet. our country's future is in down this, is an opportunity for more than 50% of americans saying the first amendment means something. the second amendment means something. there is one strike on the first amendment. third strike, are we out? in this country? >> i said media is dead in 2008. now i say the extension of the press office.
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>> the chinese, communist chinese are praising him. i agree with pete yes, majority of the country supports the constitution. in the minds of most americans it's and the way the founding fathers had it, it is government get out of the way of the citizens but not with this administration. it's citizens, media, and anyone who just wants to complaining about this scene. you can't stand it. if you can't stand it, get off the ship that. is what fox news is supposed to do they're going to keep doing it in spite of it. >> sean: are you afraid? >> no. no. >> it's a big distraction. you have muslim brotherhood dominating al yaeda on the run, he's trying to grab guns. it's a zrak. look at the other stuff, i'm going to define my enemies here and here. i'm not doing anything.
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>> sean: i'm hoping next time i get a mention. mr. president you did a lot in 2007 and 2008. come on. >> i have a feeling you may be next, sean. watch that video. >> sean: i will. >> it's coming up later. stick around. >> there are no enemies lists in america. >> sean: apparently there might be. land of the free. and professor obama just got a failing grade from an appeals court. the brazen action he took and then, tonight... >> go, look. we'll get them polled. ask bloomberg a question, we get followed. >> sean: jaisan matera harassed after daring to ask a simple question. if he would give up his gun detail. a shocking confrontation played on tape.
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we'll play it for tonight as hannity returns.
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>> and this is just yet another example to add to the growing list we've been highlighting about how far obama is willing to stretch the constitution and his presidential powers we saw this in lib yachl the president did not get congressional approval to launch air assaults we saw
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this when he decided to issue an executive order stopping deportation of thousands of illegal immigrants and when the justice department refused to up hold the defense of marriage act. and we saw when it administration weakened welfare requirements and pushed through his controversial contraception mandate. i don't think recent example is going to be the last. joining me now is louie glomer and tennessee congress woman. great to see you. >> great to see you, sean. >> he keeps pushing this to a breaking point. >> i think you're right what. we can't continue to see in congress is that he circumvents us. i think american people are tired of the president not respecting the constitution and to go around congress and trying to do executive orders
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all things we should be doing. >> isn't this supposed to be co-equal branches of government? separation of powers? >> it's basic stuff, part f the constitution. but i think one of the big legal ramifications that should come out of this would be a class action lawsuit but all of these who have in that constitutional law is structured to get their money back this, guy does not respect the constitution. he doesn't abide by the constitution. we've seen it repeatedly including the things you mentioned. when you have a president standing up and says i don't like the law to do it past congress and was signed into law by another president. so... i don't like it. here is the new law. and he pronounces new law as he speaks is that that is not a president that does this. >> this was a real big loss for imhim.
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you can't make a recess appointment when it's not recess. >> the hope is that you're going see labor relations board has to be called null and void. all of these decisions naif made, null and void. same thing would happen with consumer financial protection board. that should all be null and void. because you cannot do this. the court says you can't do it. they've moved forward with these sweeping actions. >> let me talk politic was both of you. louie you oppose john boehner for speaker. >> i like the man. i felt it's time for a change. >> i supported him. >> you're also a conservative. >> right. >> sean: i said on the program friday night nless and until house republicans unite as one team you'll have no power, you will have the power if republican caucus gets in a room and unites in a strategy
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for obama. i think the country needs your caucus to do that. am i right? >> i don't think it hurts to have disagreements. talking about how much money ronald reagan raised for heritage foundation. says, you ne i need you so when i'm negotiating and obama is going win, and the only way have you power if you're together. is that-did-. >> i think you're right there. number one issue with american people is out of control spending. you know? we took our actions with the no budget no, pay. this weekend, when i was in california, with some of my
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colleagues people were excited we lay down the law and realize senate hasn't done their job. they want to see us hold senate accountable and push forward to cut back spending and cut putt us on the road to fiscal health. >> have you ever gotten in a room? has anyone said we need to get together? >> we -- that is -- it's been said over and over. when the speaker brings yet another bill that gives away our leverage and not cut spending that is all we hear. i love football but get tired of football metaphors. there is no team but if you're getting kickoff, and you take it and start running towards your own goal, don't expect me to block for you going the
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wrong goal wrk he need to be together. and things we've agreed on, that is what we agreed on. we haven't stood by things we pledged to. into that is the next plan. >> how about the party that is for entitlement reform and won't give in? >> yes. >> we're go fog protect social security by not letting it go broke. >> what people want to us do is deliver. it takes action to get the job done. >> and you have been in the caucus. >> yes. and -- this is last year's
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confession. >> i had wanted this forever. >> you deserve it. >> god bless you, thank you. >> sean: coming up next... >> if you ask a question we get followed. >> attempting to question gun control hypocrite mayor bloomberg. it's what happened next that will leave you stunned stunned we have that confrontation, next. and log on to our special companion site. it's live and you can weigh in on the latest set back. go to hannity live as we continue.
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how are you doing? in the spirit of gun control will you disarm your security team? you'll get back to me? would you like a sip of my soda? mayor what? why can't you -- can you defend yourself but not the majority of americans? you're an advocate for gun control? one, two, three, four, five. five, i'm counting probably more. >> sean: harassment did not stop there. one member continued to follow and chase him, twice. watch this. >> i'm good. >> just do you have id for? >> i'm credentialed for this. >> can i see it?
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>> do you have jurisdiction? >> yes. i do. security detail. absolutely. >> i asked a question. what did i violate? >> do you have id? >> yes. >> do you know your date of birth? >> it's none of your business. look. look. we're getting followed. ask bloomberg a question, we get followed. >> sean: joining me now withy yax is christie setser. it was a basic question. your going give up your security? you're so antigun? i didn't think it's a big deal. >> when mike bloomberg is in that party oogling back sides of ladies he brings his five-person secrecy ti team to tell americans why they should
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be disarmed i guarantee you that security team has extra ammunition magazines onhand, average home invasion includes three people. three people going into our a home, something michael bloomberg disarming the american people by giving them only seven bullets is all in favor of. that raises a point he has security by the way. he deserves it. it's the right thing to do. it's a dangerous world, our politicians are presidents, deserve this. stars can afford body guards, average american, or woman maybe with an abusive husband or ex-boyfriend how is she going to protect herself? >> that first thing is that he is not an earnest journalist coming along just wanting to ask questions of the mayor, he's a well known ambush
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interview artist and has gotten fired from a job for this sort of thing. >> sean: don't attack jason. let's get to the tape and substance of it. >> sure. >> sean: average new yorker can't carry a gun. >> average new yorker is not the mayor of new york city there. is a big difference between the mayor of new york city. and. >> sean: a woman being harassed? with a restraining order? >> he is not armed he has five plain clothed security detail that mayor rudy giuliani had when he was the mayor of new york. >> sean: mayor rudy giuliani isn't calling for strictest gone control laws in the history of the country, katie. >> the left believes mayor bloomberg and mayor rudy giuliani are more important than the average american citizen who can't aferd to have 24 hour seven day per week security.
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>> absolutely not. not. >> excuse me. to the point of attacking jason matera. what is wrong with are you willing to give up armed security you're a big proponent of gun control? michael bloomberg has been arguing guns make us less safe. why does michael bloomberg need five armed security guards with handguns and i'm sure have ar 15 rifles in the car. why do they need that if that is the case? >> because here is the difference. we're talking about a trained police officer who knows how to handle a weapon. who has gone through weeks of training. what we're not talking about are, you know, vigilantes. >> i've been a fiscal marksman since i'm 11 years old. i can't carry a gun with more than seven bullets or i'm going get arrested.
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maybe a woman with maybe an abusive relationship. should she be allowed to carry a gun like the mayor is protecting himself? >> why is she treated differently. >> why are you so insisting on putting more guns out there? >> crime is dropping in this country. >> what about the woman that has a restraining order? simple question. >> i'm wondering why would you like more guns out there. >> katie, you answer. >> people who are not trained officials should not have guns. >> let's point out a couple months ago nypd accidentally shot nine innocent bystanders because they had never shot their guns in a situation before because michael bloomberg doesn't let them practice. on your point saying crime dropped. why? because every state has passed concealed carry laws.
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and thank you good, to see you. >> sean: when we come back an official response from the obama administration why they think it's safe to hand over tax dollars and american made f 16 fighter jets to antisemitic regime in egypt. also... which of these so called main stream pleada outlet are calling on you, american public to give up your constitution? that answer coming up tonight.
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>> sean: welcome back to hannity. state department responded after several prominent lawmakers voice concern over the obama administration's quote, gifting of american made if 16s to the regime in egypt. now in a letter the state department denied requests to delay delivery of the deadly fighter jets, writing quote egypt is a strategic partner with whom we have a long history of military real yailgss delaying or canceling deliveries would quote, undermine our efforts to address our regional security interests through a capable egyptian military saying
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damaging lasting signals to the civilian and military leadership, unquote. and a letter went ton praise the muslim brotherhood president who called in 010 our allies in israel decen decent -- descendenting of apes and bigs. this is the state department that allowed radical extremists to flourish. join me now with reaction, welcome back to the program g to see you nice to be with you. >> so, i'm trying to understand this. here a former trift says this about the israelies in 2010 is now getting gifts of f 16s and our best tanks? help me out here, seems dumb you know, those guys in the state department i think in administration somehow think
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that mubarak is still there. we've had a good relationship and he's at peace in the middle east. you know how long that was? 30 years. 1981 up to to when moresy took over. how, you have muslim brotherhood there. i hate to say it. just in the last weekend, in three days he's lost control there. in that area. i can't keep track of how many people are dead since he sentenced 21 people after the soccer match to death then rioting started all over again. this never really stopped. and so, here they have a total loss of control of their own country. and we're giving this guy 20,
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20 already went out. the fact i got a response from someone was disturbing. and so somehow, they think this is our friend there. in the city with a force, right now people are being killed as you and i are speaking right now in the streets. >> and they refer to this as hotal and utter complete melt down all weekend long this, guy is part of a terrorist organization and now we're arming them. in the end won't they have mour f 16s? >> no. israelies and turky have more. they're the only ones that have more than they'll have at the end of this. >> end of 20? >> 220 now. and there are 15 more.
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yeah. right now they're number three in line in terms of the number of f 16s flying and in combat. this is one of the best fighting machines in the world. giving it to a guy that a lot of control of his own country. so somehow they think mubarak is still there. >> obviously. why do i think we're going to be back on this program? and these are going to be used against one of our allies. why? why can't they see that? why don't they extract a demand from them? to sit down at the table to make proclamations, something for what we're giving them
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here? >> that is the point if there is more than just the tank. and you have more than that. over and above what we're giving them of our material. with f 16s, money in addition to that. so this is as if nothing changed from the way it's been in the past. it's a scary thing. i haven't heard back on this. i decided to go up into the step. they're lacking before. i'm not looking for anything serious. >> one of the, i will tell you this country we don't tap into natural resources we have more oil and i have contended that
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countries in the middle east must think we're stupid. now, they must think we're dumb. >> we're the only country in the world that can be independent in weeks. and forget about the middle east. >> senator, appreciate you being with us, thank you. >> coming up ne.s, one of the so-called main stream news outlets in the country now questioning merits of the united states stuchlgt stuchlgts -- constitution. which network is behind this movement? we'll think again. the answer may surprise you. take your guess right now
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>> i've got a simple idea. let's give up on the constitution. i know... it sounds radical. but it's really not. constitutional disobedience is as american as apple pie. for example, most of our greatest president it's jefferson, lincoln, and both roosevelt his doubted about the constitution and many of them disobeyed it when it got in their way. constitutional disobedience is a prerequisite for being one of our greatest

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